Senior Scrum Master/ Agile Transformation Coach Referral in Bay Area

Washington Post mp3086
Jan 23 10 Comments

I have been a Scrum Master/TPM for last 8 years and I am looking for similar roles in bay area. Can someone refer me to decent positions. I dont see Google/FB/Netflix/Apple having Agile Related positions.
I am looking for non technical related position.

Any insight would be great. Also, I am on H1b and obviously would need transfer.


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  • Google Uyxy00
    How about staff scrum master or principle scrum master instead?
    Jan 23 5
    • Google permagrin
      Wow such funny sarcasm, fucking nerd
      Jan 24
    • Washington Post cAnn55
      Other threads seemed like people were pretty helpful!! Bullying a first timer?
      Jan 24
  • Google permagrin
    I think generally, big companies are moving slower and are less interested in FOTM development methodology. At Google, I think the equivalent is “program manager” but I’m pretty sure you need to be technical. Look at startups, big and small. Look beyond the titles.
    Jan 24 0
  • Box / Eng Annnnnnnd1
    Check out Box Sr. TPM roles.
    Jan 23 1
    • Dell LUHV04
      How is the pay at box ?
      Jan 23
  • Washington Post cAnn55
    Thanks for the info!
    Jan 24 0


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