Senior product manager salary at Walmart Labs

Mar 10, 2018 13 Comments

Checking for my friend. Current base 145, 20% bonus and 40k stock at Walmart. Being promoted, what should one expect


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  • SmartThings smartpm
    I think these Facebook and Google folks have made all others insecure 😟
    Mar 10, 2018 0
  • New / Eng Itsmeee
    Base 155k-180k, 20% bonus, $60k rsu vesting over 4 years.
    Mar 10, 2018 7
    • WalmartLabs / Eng ⛔️
      This also depends if you are GEC or ISD and what teams you are on. Walmart has what they call “Key talent” that gets better pay and benefits.
      Mar 15, 2018
    • Walmart / Product gorp92
      What should an x5 and x6 expect in PM?
      Mar 20, 2018
  • Microsoft


    Uber, Amazon, Google, Yahoo, Expedia
    Everyone thinks they are underpaid
    Mar 10, 2018 0
  • WalmartLabs / Eng ⛔️
    For a promotion at walmart its about 10% or to the minimum of pay-band plus a small change in bonus and RSUs. Depending on your area Bonus and RSUs are now tied to your performance review and for some people that has nothing to do with your performance and if you are not liked by management you will get nothing, but that is another story for another time.
    Mar 15, 2018 0
  • PwC Tiahrv
    What’s the average base and TC for an associate PM role ?
    Mar 13, 2018 0
  • Oracle Troller
    Promotion are not necessary tied to comp range for most of the company. If they are promotion before you are in specific range within band you will be under paid for several years
    Mar 10, 2018 0


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