Should i stay or change my job based on my TC

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I have 20 years of cyber security experience. I have a master computer science and have been in product management, marketing for most part of my life. Recently i moved back to Sales and have been killing it.

I sucked as a developer although i got 4.0 GPA with scholarship in my MS i realized i sucked as an engineer. i guess my gods gift was sales, being able to connect with people and connect with them, influence and be able to convince and sell effectively.

Interestingly ive been in sales only for few months and know this is where i can do extremely well for remaining of my career. i am 46 years old. TC:180K base and i know its pathetic for Bay Area.

So essentially I am with a chinese company that doesnt have a well defined comission policy and itll be very hard to get comission and they are privately owned so no stocks.

i feel this is the time for me to play catch up and make some $$$ for my retirement, my family etc.

On the other hand ive been with them for few months and they are in love with me.

i just feel i am pathetically under paid. Should i look out for other jobs or just stick here hoping to stability.

Also considering i am really good technically in security and in selling is this the time to look out for other better companies?

What kind of package are others earning in sales? base, comission, stocks, bonus?

Any recommendations for security companies that pay well or have good overall TC opportunities.

i am sorry if this post looks confusing or disorganized. Just wondering if i should strive for higher pay.

Also any referrals would be so awesome. Not sure how they work here though. Thanks.

Thanks so much.


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  • Walmart QTFP86
    I am not demeaning Chinese, but bargain and Chinese Ideology never mixes like oil and water. It will be hard for you to expect such incentives there.

    Try in Google cloud, VMware, juniper networks, ServiceNow for sales positions.
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    • OP
      Yes I am warned but they seem very nice people. At least nice to me since i am killing it. But the oldest employee there is only a year in. Are they just using me? I can turn the company around no doubt but I don’t see any bonuses based on the superb results so far. Just smooth talk and verbal encouragement.
      Jan 24
  • 180K base is not bad. The biggest problem seems to be commissions and stock. Definitely you can do better else where.
    Jan 23 0
  • Honeywell tRud03
    Ya, sounds like you should probably start looking. You’ll quickly find out how much they value you when you turn in your two weeks.

    If they can’t afford to lose you and want you to help grow the business, they’ll prevent you from leaving by increasing your upside and making their intentions for you clear.

    Am I wrong?
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