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Jan 14 14 Comments

Hi blind friends,

A snap internal recruiter reached out about Android infra @snap. Any word on high-end tc for snap L4/L5 in this specialization? Haven't interviewed anywhere yet, but fairly confident can I get at least a few BigN offers from fb, g, ms...

Android infra swe at Airbnb. Optimistic about stock growth and IPO. Very happy here, but curious about the market.

Have some OSS contributions, some conference talks, 5 yoe, 450k tc.


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  • Northrop Grumman wiz🧙🏻‍♂️
    Woah wtf. Nice tc.

    Ivy League or what?
    Jan 14 5
    • Google zOKe30
      Have interviewed so many mobile engineers, and you’re right that mobile infra is insanely hard to come by. Usually only larger companies will recognize it and care, but when they do it’s highly valued.
      Jan 14
    • Capital One sakL14
      What skills does a mobile infra engineer have?
      Jan 25
  • Facebook ckFv24
    600 l5 snap maybe
    Jan 14 2
    • Snapchat babyJejus
      Ya. A high L4 offer can put you over 500k (4 year avg incl refreshers). A standard L5 can get you 650k.
      Jan 14
    • Airbnb OHNU77
      Thanks, both of you
      Jan 14
  • Snapchat mrqA13
    Get L5 if you can. l4 is not worth for the move. The main reason is that in snap M1 is equal to L6 so you have to promote twice to be able to transfer to management track while on other companies like fb you can be m1 when you are E6.
    Jan 14 1
    • Snapchat snapbryo
      Why do people care so much about the "manager track"? Twice the work, half the fun, same pay.
      Jan 25
  • Snapchat udgs02
    Compensation is fixed by level at snap. So all L5s for example have the same base and new hire equity grant. We don’t have “high” or “low” offers. In the past snap gave out sign ons but given how strong equity is pacing they prob don’t
    Jan 14 2
    • Facebook Skshxux
      Are you saying they don’t negotiate on the equity package at all?
      Jan 14
    • Snapchat bsihUsvq78
      Jan 14


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