Spotify on site interview

Jul 14, 2019 8 Comments

What should I expect from the on site interview at Spotify? What should I focus on for prep? What is the case study round like? Any other suggestions.



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  • New / IT kbnW66
    It's not too bad. They don't like whiteboard interviews, I was given a Mac laptop with intellij IDE and the problem and I had to solve it on the laptop itself, running test cases etc. The case round is pretty straightforward, they tell you there is a server that is down, how would you debug. You have to ask the right questions like 'i would check the request log' upon which they reveal what information that log holds. You have to keep asking these key questions for them to reveal more information
    Jul 14, 2019 7
    • Amazon lolw0lf
      I see. Did you go interview at their Stockholm office or were you in NYC?
      Jul 14, 2019
    • New / IT kbnW66
      Jul 15, 2019


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