Sr devops engineer salary at Deloitte NC

Jun 5, 2018 3 Comments

How much I can expect salary for at devops engineer?


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  • Cisco pdWh57
    why work in a city when you could work for anyone remotely. doing it this way puts you outside an economic zone and defeats any argument about geography. tell them how much your time is worth. if you are experienced, can get shit done, and document it as you go, I would not settle for less than 120/hr. If they won't pay what you ask, smile, wish them luck and leave. Your time IS worth something and expertise costs money. take lawyers for example, does anyone question their hourly fee? decide what you want and then go get it. be reasonable but still, I once walked away from an opportunity because I didn't really like the people that much, they asked my number and it was super high. they ended up biting the bullet for whatever reason and hired me as a remote devops resource at a ridiculous hourly fee. they were desperate and I recall loving that gig because it made me so happy to charge assholes so much money for some skills they desperately need. people are stupid. prey on them, or be the prey.
    Jun 5, 2018 2
    • Proofpoint / Eng makebank
      Can you break this paragraph down in smaller paragraphs? Hard to read an essay on Blind.
      Jun 5, 2018
    • Qualcomm Lebrongoat
      Talks about going in the amazon jungle to prey on some chickens there.
      Jun 5, 2018


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