Still can't get hired. Feeling so lost.

Dec 28, 2019 8 Comments

3rd post about this. Turned down for 2 more positions.

15 years experience IT Sales, Security, Personnel Management, and Project Management, no real programming experience. Experience with Nessus, nmap, Splunk, Active Directory, AD OU, slurm, Apache, PHP, MySQL, Exchange, Cisco and Juniper Hardware, and overall Windows, MacOS and Linux SysAdmin.
Two Associates in Computer Design and Computer Science
MBA in Executive Management from Ivy League School
Can't move due to wife taking care of handicapped sister for job, sister lives with 55 year old mother, mother owns house, no plans to move.
We have a 3 year old I usually take care of. We have a nanny for when I get a job.
Live in low pop area (100k - 125k people for a 100 square mile radius.)

Jobs I've applied to and been passed over for:
Police Dispatch Tech Lead - 79k Salaried City Gov - Interviewed - Passed over for internal hire.
IT Management Lead - 86k Non-Salaried - Interviewed - Not hired due to being unable to relocate.
IT Support Specialist II - 65k Salaried - Interviewed - Not hired - No reason given.
Computer Systems Specialist - $32/hr Full Time and Covered Benefits - Going on 3 weeks no contact.
General Manager - Goodwill - $31/hr Full Time - Applied - No interview.
General Manager - Walmart - 90k Salaried + Profit Sharing - Applied - No interview.
General Manager - FedEx - $42/hr Full Time - Applied - No interview.
Computer Systems Specialist - City Government - $31/hr Full Time - Interviewed - No offer - More qualified candidates.
Computer Systems Technician III - $4,280 Monthly - Interviewed - No offer. - No reason given.

I'm at the end of my rope here. My wife says "Just apply at something like McDonalds or some other fast food place, they hire anyone." and I feel pretty upset that with my credentials I may possibly be looking at doing something like this.

What type of positions should I be looking for with my expertise? Am I short selling my skills and applying for things I'm over-qualified for? I want to do something that is Remote work or will do Travel up to 40%, but I'm really not sure what I'm looking for.

I have been self-employed for close to 4 years now, but my market is dwindling for my product and I need to get a job soon. I have a mortgage and bills that need to be paid and even though I've got about 6 months worth of savings left, I started job searching over a year and a half ago and have only been paying my 4 employees since. We just finished laying off our last 2 employees. I really need something to stick, and maybe be told what positions I should be looking for.


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  • I maybe wrong here but unless you can relocate I don’t think you’ll find anything good. Try for big companies like IBM you will work remotely but travel a lot
    Dec 28, 2019 2
    • OP
      I'm working on talking with my wife to try and figure out something that lets me relocate temporarily. She doesn't mind if I travel a lot, but we have to make enough money so she doesn't have to work in both scenarios since I take care of our daughter currently while she works.

      My wife's step father just got a remote job working as a "senior storage engineer" for S******* out of Seattle, and gets paid 75 a fucking hour to make sure there no alarm codes on AWS Cloud DBs and set up new AWS Elastic Storage blocks when needed. Insane cash for such an easy job, and he just answers emails most days. Wish I had it so easy.
      Dec 28, 2019
    • No need to worry your time will come. Just don’t give up and go join a fast food joint.
      Dec 28, 2019
  • AWIP riean
    Try program or project management? See if you can start by getting a contract position? (Some companies that come to mind -Randstad, Robert Half, Addecco, etc)

    I’d say get a career coach? HireClub has a ton and people have been successful. I haven’t done it, but I see posts on FB group. Join groups on FB - HireClub, Albert’s Job Listing, Subtle Asian Tech and so on. You can post there, and ask for help too. Or see the job postings and contact people.

    Good luck! It’ll work out.
    Dec 28, 2019 3
    • New WQzb38
      Not gonna lie, homie, that kind of attitude might be part of the reason you're failing. Sure, someone out there is scamming you but you can do due diligence and see what services are worth using. It's $120 bucks for someone's time that knows what they're doing and you don't think that's worth it when you're applying for Walmart/Fedex etc, failing and wasting all of this time? Invest in yourself. It compounds.
      Feb 6
    • OP
      My 3 degrees and no job proves that's not true.
      Feb 6
  • New WQzb38
    Are you re-working your resume for each thing you apply to so that your resume is catered to that role? I'll let others weigh in but I think an MBA in management for a tech/IT-related/Walmart manager role MIGHT be over-qualified. Although it does look like you're getting interviews for the tech related ones. How does the interview go? If you are getting interviews for all the tech ones but bombing at that point maybe something is wrong with the way you're representing your skillset or presenting yourself. It may be worth doing some mock interviews from someone you know or even paying and getting some candid feedback from someone who won't be sued for giving you advice.
    Feb 6 0


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