Still haunted by layoff

Nov 26, 2019 13 Comments

I was laid off this year, not because of my performance, but the startup ran out of funding and many of us were let go of. Found a good job now. But I think I am still haunted by the layoff. I know I sound extremely stupid, I don't want to feel this way either, but here I am.
There are these small things like,
Just eating outside at a good place makes me feel guilty.
If my project isn't doing well I constantly panic I might get laid off.
I think a hundred times before buying myself anything.
And so on.

I don't know how to make peace with life and just let that phase of my life go. There are questions like, was I that bad? Why me? Am I in the right profession even? Do I have what it takes?

I am not sure why I'm writing this post.


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  • Workday uWwW25
    You fear layoffs but went to HPE?
    Nov 26, 2019 2
    • Bank of America / Project

      Bank of America Project

      F*ck 😂😂😂
      Nov 26, 2019
    • Microsoft PkachuFace
      Nov 26, 2019
  • Microsoft betaco
    I only witnessed people being laid off in my previous company 2 years ago when I was an intern. That experience still haunts me now and I’m working my butts off in my current position because I fear someday it might happen to me as well. On the upside, it’s good to have such experience as it constantly reminds me how lucky I am to have a job. Putting in a lot of hours accelerated my promotion as well. Bottom line is: It’ll get better with time and in the meanwhile, work on what you can control: your skillsets, your work ethics and possibly your spendings. It could be a blessing in disguise depends on how you let it shape your perspectives.
    Nov 26, 2019 0
  • I've been there. You'll feel better once you have rebuilt your savings to a comfortable level.
    Nov 26, 2019 0
  • New h0r4y
    Sounds like you have anxiety. Go find a shrink and seek help for your mental health.
    Nov 26, 2019 0
  • Facebook public2
    Haunted for what? Make sure your emergency fund is funded and relax.
    Nov 26, 2019 0
  • Bank of America / IT XigMoid
    If you always did well at work and people like you then you'll be fine. I had a coworker who got fired from almost ever job he had... Very unlikeable. Another friend got fired alot because he was kind of incompetent...

    So measure yourself if you aren't either of those don't worry and enjoy life before its over. If u do have either problem you can always make it up with hard work and effort!
    Nov 26, 2019 0
  • OpenTable Meliodas
    Save up six months of living expenses.

    My last lay-off was much easier, because we had the cash to live off of.
    Nov 26, 2019 0
  • VMware SezG75
    Losing a job is a very traumatic experience and can take time to heal from. I think considering professional help is a good idea, or at a minimum, spend some time reading about techniques to work through trauma and anxiety.

    It can also help to examine the things that trigger anxiety and guilt and work through some personal guidelines you can set to give yourself permission to do certain things or spend x amount of money in your budget on this or that. Having self-control and a budget and goals is good, but anxiety and guilt are signs that something is out of balance.

    Layoffs are an unfortunate part of life, and are pretty common in startups as well as established companies. They're just usually a lot more sudden and a higher percentage of the team at a startup, amping the stress levels up that much more. You might want to look for a quieter role in a larger company for a bit while you're recovering before you go looking for your next startup role. It can be a brutal world out there....
    Jan 9 1
    • OP
      Makes sense! Thank you! :D
      Jan 9
  • Microsoft isio37
    Try to have an emergency fund of 12-18 months. It'll give you immense peace.
    Dec 5, 2019 0
  • Cerner RMuh72
    Nov 26, 2019 0


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