Stripe Salary for M1 Manager?

BuildZoom / Eng DrkPegasus
Jul 20, 2019 4 Comments

What is the TC (base, bonus, equity) for an M1 manager at Stripe in SF?


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Stripe exJX72
    $15/hr. We make the rest in tips
    Jul 20, 2019 2
    • BuildZoom / Eng DrkPegasus
      Tips?! Sounds like there’s room to optimize. If you take $0.00001 of each transaction and transfer it into an offshore account you may have something. Just don’t forget to make your first purchase a red stapler.
      Jul 20, 2019
    • Yes, you get tips from your reports.
      Jul 21, 2019
  • Stripe commoner
    No room for negotiation on offers and I don't know. I've been told it doesn't differ much from senior developer roles
    Jul 30, 2019 0


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