Switch to pure Backend Roles from Full-Stack Dev

MathWorks / Product CSGu51
Aug 11, 2019 4 Comments

I have worked 3+ years as a Full-stack Dev contributed in both frontend and backend equally using technologies like Backbone/React/Java Spring/Ruby on Rails/MongoDB/SQL Server/ Nginx/SOLR/Redis/RabbitMQ.

I wish to transition to a role focussed on Backend / Distributed Computing role.

I have currently started reading the basics of Distributed Systems with the following -
1. Reading 'Designing Data-Intensive Applications' by Martin Kleppmann
2. Reading interesting research papers in the area - Consistent Hashing, RestFul architecture, Cassandra, DynamoDB, Kafka, etc.
3. Reading blogs related to this field.
4. Watch System Design Interview Videos on Youtube.

I am seeking guidance as to what should be the next step in this path. I was thinking of enrolling in Coursera's cloud-computing course.

Now thinking in terms of switching to pure Backend roles what could be some things recruiters/managers would be looking in my resume and how do I develop those skills?
University Courses?
Side-projects involving creating apps using existing tools like Kafka, Spark, etc?
Side projects involving basic implementation of Consensus Algos (Raft) / Distributed Messaging.

Any help of people working in the above areas is appreciated!
Thank you.


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  • LimeBike our3sw81
    You already have the necessary resume bullet points (although I'd remove backbone since nobody uses it anymore.) The next step is applying for those jobs, interviewing well, getting a job and then doing the job. More prep that isn't hands on experience won't get you further.

    There are some interviews that focus on your experience, and when you talk about your work, remember to talk about the impact it had.
    Aug 11, 2019 1
  • Google monrow
    Do you want to build those distributed systems or architect a solution using those distributed software technologies? Backend could mean a variety of things
    Aug 11, 2019 1
    • MathWorks / Product CSGu51
      I think teams involved in building such systems would require sufficient experience? Would like to start off by working on teams who work on using these technologies. Also, would be great if you can give pointers on how to look for such teams. Thanks!
      Aug 11, 2019


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