Switching from consulting to FAANG

Sapient poshbagira
Jul 3, 2019 11 Comments

Is there a bias in recruiters/interviewers? Is there something I need to prepare for?


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  • LinkedIn The zapper
    I imagine you’ll get downleveled to EM or sr EM might do one round of coding and system design
    Jul 3, 2019 0
  • Sapient poshbagira
    I should have articulated my question better. By bias I was referring more to the kind of work consulting companies do.

    So take me for e.g I am a engineering director at my current firm (18 yoe) working in retail domain. Lots of experience building customer facing systems. Good knowledge of system design distributed systems and ~8 years of team management experience.

    What I don’t have is strong hands on (been 5 years) and algorithms knowledge because that’s not my day job. What are my chances of getting hired/clearing FAANG?

    People say practice leetcode. At my level am I still expected to pass coding? I can probably easily tell what core algorithm I can use for a leetcode question but my coding is just slow and I need a ide and debugger.

    What would you say my next step should be.
    Jul 3, 2019 2
    • Fox News HannityS
      18 yoe with 8 yoe in leadership. doesn't matter. you should still be able to eliminate duplicates between lists, linkedlists, implement a maxstack, lrucache, solve reverse polish notation etc. pick problems that don't need to memorize the core trick to solve the problem. and of course, plenty of behavioral, leadership, star answers. GL.
      Jul 3, 2019
    • Microsoft cholical
      To be honest, you will likely be downleveled and maybe made an IC at Faang. Most EM are promoted from within or poached from other faangs, usually not from consulting as the priorities are different.
      Jul 3, 2019
  • Sapient poshbagira
    What’a TC?
    Jul 3, 2019 1
    • Amazon qoNOpe
      Total compensation
      Jul 5, 2019
  • Facebook Matrix67
    You are certainly more welcomed if you're underrepresented group (LGBTQ, female, muslim, colored except asian). The company you mentioned all have diversity goal in their recruitment
    Jul 3, 2019 1
    • Google Dhhdhdb
      They don't ask your religion when you apply
      Jul 3, 2019
  • New Betal
    Look up Sundar Pichai of Google. He used to be at a consulting firm once. It all depends on how you play your cards.
    Jul 3, 2019 0
  • Amazon XIjQ36
    Jul 3, 2019 0
  • Amazon Tryin2Help
    Either coding or non-abstract system design are most essential, it will be very difficult to get into FAANG without it .
    Jul 3, 2019 0


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