TPMs in google and facebook

Oct 11, 2019 7 Comments

wondering why directors and sr. directors from companies like Visa are joining google and facebook as TPMs. What is the career path for these roles?


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  • Credit Karma iopsifnr
    Better than career paths at VISA lol
    Oct 11, 2019 1
    • Visa / Eng andfk
      Much better TC as well
      Oct 12, 2019
  • Apple d27dk
    I was at Visa (Senior Software) with around 140k TC and I am now at Apple with 250k TC (equivalent to Directors TC). I couldnt imagine how long it will take me from Senior to Directors + I need to lick their asses to get promoted. I am not a senior engineer at Apple right now, but who cares. If you enjoy the inflated title, you can go to banks and become a Senior VP.
    Oct 14, 2019 0
  • Google / Ops Huhf13
    Because comp is similar between mid level G or F TPM vs Visa director. I know a Visa VP interviewing as an L7 TPM.

    Better upward mobility. You might become an L7 or 8 at Google. You'll never be CEO at Visa.
    Oct 12, 2019 2
    • Facebook Tgko24
      what? Visa VP to L7 maps? L7 earns way more right? Visa VPs I hear are barely making 300.
      Oct 12, 2019
    • Google / Ops Huhf13
      Im guessing they have different bands of VP comp. The person I spoke to was interviewing for 7 but who knows if they got it
      Oct 12, 2019
  • Google kk444
    Better TC for sure
    Oct 13, 2019 0


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