TVC to FTE Conversion

Nov 16, 2019 3 Comments

Any tips on converting to FTE at Google? I've been applying for almost 2 years! I am definitely qualified for the roles that I have been applying. I've been told that my resume is impressive, but I can't get that foot in the door - no matter how many networking events I attend at Google, IBM, or FB. Does anyone have a career coach or resume writer they recommend or any certifications that I should get? Anything helps at this point.
I've accepted that I will never be an FTE and been applying to other roles outside of tech, BUT I am never "a good fit" - even though I am overqualified or aligns to the work I've doing at Google. is it the TVC roles that are making my resume have a big X?
Hint on role: I've helped google launch global campaigns and mostly do a lot of Acct Management


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  • Google spcex
    Look for FTE at tier 2 companies first may be. Then move to G/FB and others within a year or so.
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  • Facebook / Other

    Facebook Other

    What's TVC?
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