This is why people LOVE Austin.

New HXwF46
Jan 9 161 Comments

Me and Wife have a total combined TC of 160. We have a great house that has appreciated 80% in 3 years. Sitting on top of a hill with 5 mile vistas on 1.8 acres. Gigabit internet. Neighbors, can barely see them. Hundreds of trees on property. Drive time for me to downtown, 20-45 mins based on level of traffic. Great shopping area 5 mins away. Great schools.

Now go filter for 1+ acre house in the bay area, with a 30-45 min drive time. You are looking at like 10+ million. There. Debate solved. #seattle #sanfrancisco #bayarea #austin


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  • Apple azrael5
    Also, most of us have investment houses in Austin/TX - it’s not like you can’t buy them using money earned in Bay Area!
    Seems you need conviction that you made the right choice?
    Jan 9 10
    • Motorola / Eng middlename
      @amazon being a landlord is providing a service. They take care of the mortgage and maintenance of the house. Are you suggesting poor people should just buy houses? Because they can't.
      Jan 10
    • Amazon / Eng newdecade
      Yeah it's cool if he's not raising rent to make a profit off others
      Jan 10
  • Amazon eizidmrj
    my friend left there bc his car dashboard melted in the heat
    Jan 9 4
    • T-Mobile / Eng alme
      Stop leaving your kids toys car outside in summer.
      Jan 9
    • AT&T / Sales GDkK17
      I recall reading something about Altima dashboards melting a while back... #truestory
      Jan 9
  • Amazon / Eng newdecade
    Okay now come back us in the summer. Also wow that's low combined TC.
    Jan 9 21
    • Amazon cofkdkcjcj
      notice (or not) the ignorance in the face of evidence.

      go back to ur crayons and gerbers
      Jan 10
    • Mitel


      Black Box Network Services
      TC in Austin about the same as HXwF46 OP and a little more lopsided split than that. Health care pay is lower that the area we had to move from. Still, we love Austin and surrounding areas. Great standard of living... nice big house for the two of us, enough to keep both cars in the garage, not in the street; no mortgage. Can go out with the dog every morning while drinking my first cup of coffee without having to put on a jacket.
      Jan 14
  • PoP85
    🤫🤫 there's already way to many people coming here
    Jan 9 0
  • Pinterest blipin
    OP, you don’t understand. I can live in bay area and save a million in 4 years in bay area and buy an even bigger house than yours in Austin all cash while you still pay your mortgage and make 160k a year

    So tell me where should I live while I am still in my prime and command a tc of 500k
    Jan 9 11
    • Congrats! Intel
      Jan 9
    • New HXwF46
      Congrats Intel! How many more cores are you hoping to get up to?
      Jan 11
  • Facebook S4MEER
    Enjoy your heat, tornadoes, crime, traffic getting even worse in the future
    Jan 9 6
    • Facebook sxjj41
      Traffic in Bay Area is way worse
      Jan 9
    • Apple RoidRage
      Driving anywhere on MoPac from south to north (like 360 to the domain) is an hour plus in traffic. When I first moved there it was an easy 15 minutes. God forbid you attempt I-35. Throw in Texas relays, ACL, concerts in the park, SXSW...
      Jan 9
  • Oracle Open24hrs
    Mosquitos and attacking fire ants.

    Don't touch anything moving outside. It will bite you.

    And the Asian food in Austin sucks
    Jan 9 12
    • Boeing chodia
      Depends on your priorities — I moved away from TX because there would be a Saturday where I want to go hiking in some proper mountains, but I couldn’t.

      In CA, you can just go on a whim and not have to think about flights, rental car, lodging or whatever. Everyone I met in tx said the same thing “it’s a quick flight to Denver etc etc” but for example November I went hiking 4 weekends in a row in the mountains, Yosemite, whatever. That would never happen in Austin. Especially after you factor other costs like trip to the airport, rental car, hotel, it was too much for me.

      A lot of it is personal priorities though. I love the outdoors but a lot of people don’t care and for them Austin or even Houston (ew) is perfectly ok for them
      Jan 9
    • Oracle Open24hrs

      Yeah. Did my fair share of mtn biking and hiking in CA. Not so much interested in it anymore. Even when in the bay area, whimsical trips took a lot of time. Add in the commute, then the crowds, it became too much of a hassle. And you can only get so far on legs, the same trails got old.

      Austin has trails for foot and mtn bike. But, yes, pales in comparison to CA.

      But if I am to do anything like that nowadays I think I'd lean towards more into overlanding.
      Jan 11
  • Ironclad / Legal ⌐(ಠ۾ಠ)¬
    Is this supposed to be a boasting post to brag about your farm house in Austin?
    Jan 9 5
    • Google swinglyf
      It’s a preference, and sounds like it’s yours. I like nature, but I def wouldn’t live in it. I like crowded spaces in my daily life much more than I like quiet. But the beach is walkable from where I live, lots of trails within an hour and Tahoe 4 hours so I’m definitely not looking for the kind of house you’re referring to independent of compensation
      Jan 9
    • New HXwF46
      I didnt know how it would improve my life either until I had it. Former city rat.
      Jan 9
  • Google bighead2
    Austin is where you go to retire after working 5 years in the Bay :)
    Jan 9 2
    • New HXwF46
      I agree its ironically possible, which is why I'm interviewing for bay area positions. I'm not happy about it however, living in an apartment that sucks for 4k wouldn't be a step up....but I'm young so that's fine.
      Jan 9
    • Google bighead2
      You could prob get a really nice 2br for 4k, FWIW.

      But I see what you mean. I loved Austin when I visited (and Balcones a few hours away were beautiful). No need to sacrifice if you're loving it there now.
      Jan 9
  • Gald u r happy.
    I like Austin too.

    But wouldn't leave the bay for now.
    Might change mind later.
    Jan 9 7
    • AT&T czct10
      > gald
      Jan 14
    • Haha. Good catch!
      I'll leave it in there though.
      Jan 14


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