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Passion for all facets of tech co's. I've lead or been part of teams in Biz Dev, Partnerships, Product, and Marketing.
Feb 13, 2018

Looking for career growth opportunities in larger companies or startups in larger markets. I’ve worked for 2 startups but feel like my career trajectory has plateaued both from a salary and opportunity stand-point.

Currently I’m the VP, Biz Dev/Partnerships/Marketing (we’re a 10 person company). I have a technical background and have formed strategic/technical partnerships with the largest players in our industry. I helped produce 30% growth and our best month ever this past January. The downside, I dont have equity and the industry sales cycles can be years due to exclusivity contracts.

Company A - I started as the Digital Marketing Manager (employee 8 out of 25) and ended as the Director of Partnerships/Biz Dev. I helped grow our company from 40 clients to over 1000. I handled all of our enterprise account management (companies 100+million in revenue), strategic partnerships, and created the framework for sales and marketing that the company continues to use today (2500+ clients). I have equity with that company but I left due to the direction the “board” wanted to take the IP.

One aspect I love of a company is the mentorship, teaching components, and wearing multiple hats. At company A, I was fortunate to mentor under colleagues who have scaled startups that were acquired or went IPO. At my current company, there is that lack of mentorship and camaraderie. We are operating in the green but there is a resistance to pull the trigger on customer acquisition strategies and spending money to fuel sales and marketing.

I’d love the communities’ general thoughts on transitioning from a Mid market company to large company. How my experience/ career trajectory stacks up.

If anyone knows a recruiter or is willing to offer a referral, that would be great.

The industries I have experience in include Fintech, eCommerce, Nonprofit Fundraising, Events.

My apologies for the long post :)


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