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Background: 12 YoE. Engg degree with 4 yrs of SDE experience, + MBA + Product & Analytics roles last position was Principal PM in mid size ad tech firm. I have experience with working with DS teams in a no of areas like predictive analytics and NLP. I was thinking of transitioning into Datascience role because
a) Quite a few companies are not willing to sponsor h1-b for product roles but are fine with DS.
b) Pay packages are pretty good.
c) I was always fairly technical and hands on with SQL/ HiVe and have used myrid of analytics tools like Tableau/ GA/ Adobe etc and some experience with R. I like working with Data.

a) If i were to do a few courses in Coursera and others, can i credibly make a transition as a data scientist. What courses are valued?
b) At what level can i hope to come in considering my past experience?
c) what other things would you look for in a candidate transitioning to DS.
d) Those who have made a transition in the past, please share how you did it.

Thanks for your input!


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    That being said.

    A) Generally, no. You need to be a strong statistician. Data scientist is so broadly defined it's not consistent between companies. Figure out what flavor of data scientist the company you want to join requires. The spectrum is statistics vs engineering.
    B) One or two above entry unless your statistics skills are amazing. Most valuable at the moment are forecasting and LTV calculations. Knowing either or both puts you straight into FAANG
    C) Data storytelling. Being able to identify causations behind correlations, and explain to those whose math knowledge is high school level.
    D) I fell into the role from analytics mainly because I was the best in a limited field of candidates for a role which desperately needed to be filled. That allowed me to level up and use that as a platform to stand on.
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      This is very helpful thanks. I am on a break now, but my last TC was 200k USD.
      Jan 17
  • Salesforce leet4evr
    You want to become an MLE ?
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      The way I have seen is that data scientists are more focused on building models which solve a business problem vs MLE are focused on coding it as a complex system. I am more interested in former.
      Jan 17
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    Sorry new here. What is the first rule
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