Uber - How you feel?

Bossa Nova Robotics HalNTuring
Nov 8, 2019 10 Comments

Congrats on being able to cash out. List your position, strike price, and gains.

Also TC or GTFO.

$125k, 5 YOE.


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  • Uber kpCA16
    2600 RSUs vested after withholdings, all sold. $70k. 1 year at Uber. TC: around 320k at current share price. L5a. 0 YOE in tech, 12 outside of tech. Looking to leave, like everyone else.
    Nov 8, 2019 6
    • Uber / Other

      Uber Other

      You’re still going to owe about 15% in taxes. Thats substantial.
      Nov 8, 2019
    • Microsoft / Product Iota4
      What role? Because you said non tech YOE before
      Nov 8, 2019
  • TC or GTFO
    Nov 8, 2019 0
  • Uber rfPB87
    2400 RSUs vested after withholdings, 0 sold.

    TC: around 220k at current share price, 4 YOE.

    Looking forward to refreshers this year, should get a hefty chunk.
    Nov 8, 2019 1
    • Facebook pikapikac
      How many years at Uber?
      Nov 8, 2019


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