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  • Uber HMBK76
    it's always a great time to join uber if you are currently at fidelity investments.
    Jan 17 8
    • Uber HMBK76
      and your TC is 125k, amirite
      Jan 18
    • Uber whodi
      Morale is in a better place than right after layoffs. All varies by team but lots of opportunity to learn and grow
      Jan 18
  • It has not changed much. For better or for worse.
    Jan 17 0
  • Uber


    Google, Facebook
    Layoffs and low morale here at Uber. Most of us are interviewing and try to get out. Tbh, it’s not worth the risk..
    Jan 17 0
  • Lyft thiccc
    Dm me if you wanna interview at Lyft as well and compare the two
    Jan 17 2
    • Juniper chatbott
      Are you a recruiter?
      Jan 17
    • Lyft thiccc
      No. Current DS at Lyft
      Jan 17
  • Uber poikm
    Very immature management, heavy politics, bad culture. Hey but you may get a TC bump significantly. So if you’re fine with daily grinding and risks of losing your mind or if you can somehow find a decent team, and you’re a great person. Then join us!
    Jan 19 1
    • Amazon Jeremy*
      Can I dm you ? I did an interview recently (still waiting for the offer), but I am pretty concerned about ppl complaining about Uber in this app.
      Jan 19
  • Lyft thiccc
    Faster pace at tech companies and less red tape to get things done. Better talent on average, so more learning opportunities.
    Jan 17 1
    • Fidelity Investments fmrDS
      agree, that's the reason I had applied to move to bay area for a tech company, need change of culture.. Just concerned abt fast growth and then followed by even fast lay off
      Jan 17
  • Stay away from Uber.
    Jan 17 0
  • Indeed / Eng rainwater
    better join since ur at fidelity
    Jan 18 0
  • No
    Jan 17 0