Urgently seeking help to secure onsite interviews in Jan

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Hi Blind, I’m seeking help in securing my onsite interviews in Jan for full time SWE roles, here is my interview status, DM me I can ping you resume. I have 2 years of SWE full time experience, 1.5 at Amazon and 1 y at a prior startup (excluding internships).
- Rejected by one hiring manager after phone screen. Seeking another hiring manager expressing interest in my profile to give me another round of interviews
- Passed phone screen, pending onsite schedule, HR informed me that there is no headcount for 2yoe candidates until late Jan and that I should reach out in a few weeks
- HR informed me that he is scheduling my onsite 1 month ago, then never responded even after the holidays. I asked G employees to ping the HR and his teammates, no luck, and I asked to be referred for a different SWE, not sure yet.
- Referred, no sign of interview yet
- Rejected by phone screen for University (not full time), not sure if I can be referred again
Snap, Airbnb, Mapbox,
- not sure

Already failed:
Uber Dropbox Citadel LinkedIn Yelp Wish Square Goldman
Any help with the above companies in securing my interviews would be greatly appreciated


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  • Deloitte / Product PM007
    You have failed in 11 companies, why don’t you focus on preparing rather than just getting interviews, what’s so urgency
    Jan 8 2
    • Indeed Xltva
      Isn't failing part of the prep? .... There are do many companies ....
      Jan 8
    • I agree with Deloitte
      While failing is part of the learning process, it's rare to fail so many unless you are going in with 0 prep.
      Square doesn't even do leetcode questions, they just have regular live coding questions that should be easy if you are junior to mid-level and are programming every week.
      Also the OP hasn't mentioned what the urgency is. Sounds like they are trying different things and hoping to get lucky without putting in any work
      Jan 9
  • OCC qCnw83
    DM me for ServiceNow
    Jan 8 0
  • Amazon psh$3$
    Which position for each of those companies? And what’s your level @ Amazon?
    Jan 8 1
    • Amazon hellowld12
      SWE general (though my skill set is full stack web). Just got promoted to L5
      Jan 8
  • Amazon insecure
    Why is it urgent? You just got promoted to L5?
    Feb 8 0
  • Wayfair strangerr
    What did you get asked at square’s phone screen / on-site ?
    Jan 17 0


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