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Feb 24, 2018 19 Comments

Wondering how can I navigate my career to a VC firm focused on Tech. I have a few years of experience working with Microsoft and Amazon in ML and Cloud computing.

Is MBA a viable option? Any other suggestion?


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  • Microsoft UMbR31
    HBS or GSB only.
    If you don't get admits, then top5 schools + few years of PM/MBB/top few banks.

    Don't try to join 'a tech focussed VC'. If you don't get into a top10 silicon valley VC, please continue your life. You can become GP directly after you sell your startup.
    Feb 24, 2018 8
    • Amazon racecar5
      It makes sense that sourcing is hard when you haven’t been a startup CEO. If you were starting a company would you want to take money from an MBA that’s never worked at a startup or someone you can call for advice that’s been in your shoes?
      Feb 24, 2018
    • Microsoft 🥜ela2
      I think it's a fair point. Real life experience would definitely teach you more than an MBA degree.
      Feb 24, 2018
  • New / Other Gijk07
    MBA will help for sure (only Top 10)
    Feb 24, 2018 4
    • Facebook BlairW
      Lol. Then just say Top 9?
      Feb 24, 2018
    • Amazon Floop!
      Man I don’t know why. Just helping out this shmuck.
      Feb 24, 2018
  • New / Mgmt
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    New Mgmt

    I get things done.
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    Network, be successful entrepreneur or intrepreneur , create a brand for yourself and you don't need MBA in that case.
    Feb 24, 2018 3
    • Grab nvDG66
      There’s a couple of meetups in Seattle, but that’s basically it! We should create a Softdev to VC meetup group haha
      Oct 8, 2018
  • Grab nvDG66
    Created a slack group called leveraged-buyout
    Oct 8, 2018 0


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