Wearing Blind t-shirt at your workplace

New bGfp7
Feb 13 11 Comments

Is it frowned upon?



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  • Deutsche Bank february20
    How can I get one? 🤔
    Feb 13 2
    • Ultimate Software / Eng W-2
      If you go to the nearest Ralph Lauren and ask for the manager, the password is "TC or GTFO". They'll go into the back and get the shirt for you.

      TC: 80k MCoL city
      YoE: <1
      LC: 35 and climbing rapidly
      Feb 13
    • Washington County Public Schools LLJ
      That’d actually be a pretty cool way to get the shirt
      Feb 13
  • Salesforce / Eng Full-Send
    Where can I purchase one of these shirts. I'm pretty sure the vast majority in my office have no clue what Blind is.
    Feb 13 4
    • Salesforce Q(‘_’Q
      On one of our all hands they talked about how some company confidential info was released on blind the day after it was announced, leadership definitely watches here
      Feb 13
    • Volvo / R&D ascnrdrkly
      @Full-Send Manfred Mann is the fucking shit yeah

      There's a finger on the dial
      The lucky wheel goes round
      Little joker knows he can't escape...
      Feb 13
  • Qualtrics dontneedit
    I wouldn't frown upon you but I'd avoid you like the edgy autist that you are if you wear a blind t-shirt.
    Feb 13 1
    • Microsoft Clippy3.0
      Back to WSB he goes.
      Feb 13
  • eBay jhftyu
    Wear it with Levels.fyi merch
    Feb 13 0


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