What do you all think of Pi Network crypto?

Feb 12 4 Comments

Any else have this and what are your thoughts? Note—don’t confuse this with PiCoin, that’s different. This was launched last year by a Stanford team. I missed the #bitcoin train so i hope to keep it for 2-5 yrs and see what happen.

What do you all think of Pi Network crypto?
It’s invite only so just PM if you want to join. But I honestly want to hear other people’s opinion. I’m too lazy to tap the earn button once a week.


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  • Facebook public2
    Btc train hasn't started yet...
    Feb 12 0
  • Booz Allen Hamilton sudo_su__
    It’s free yo, I hate tapping everyday to earn. The best currency is the one u get early and mine for free.
    Feb 12 1
    • Booz Allen Hamilton babilon
      Feb 12
  • Booz Allen Hamilton babilon
    Fellow boozy, our tc does not allow us to play with fire
    Feb 12 0


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