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I have built a small service within Amazon that enough people rely on that I'm not at risk (I don't think) of being laid off for a long time.

I have great WLB and a low effort job at this point - just maintain the service.

I'm pretty early in my career so far, so maybe it's not a good thing to take it so easy. Then again, I might regret pushing myself harder when I'm oncall at midnight for some nonsense on a high stress team.

What would you do?

Tc 230k, 5 yoe



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  • Varian Medical

    Varian Medical

    Don’t stand still but don’t break your back either. Spend time putting together metrics and other stuff that shows how your service keeps being good or keeps improving (even if somewhat bullshit). Consider actually improving the service or adding features. The risk you otherwise run is a couple years from now you hit a brick wall when someone realizes you’ve been slacking off or your thing is replaced or you are moved under someone new. If you don’t keep sharp and demonstrate to management you are doing stuff you risk later on. But you absolutely could coast if you want to, so up to you!
    Jan 16 0
  • Apple carmax
    If I were you and I liked Amazon and didn’t really care about pursuing interests, I would just rest and vest
    Jan 16 1
    • Amazon / Eng twohearted
      Yeah I do actually like Amazon, and I don't have a super strong drive to pursue other career things atm.
      Jan 16
  • Capital One gully
    Rest and vest. In the meantime, work on your own projects/study/invest.
    Jan 16 0
  • Amazon elcie
    Can you describe what sort of service is this in high level and how did you get there? It's hard to believe someone is truly irreplaceable. But I can see it happening sometimes
    Jan 16 2
    • Amazon / Eng twohearted
      Nah I don't want to dox myself sorry. You're probably right though that I'm more replaceable than I imagine.
      Jan 16
    • Amazon elcie
      U can broadly generalize and not reveal urself
      Jan 17
  • Amazon Llwu77
    Don’t rest & best at amazon unless you want to be 30-40% “underpaid”. Try to get into google for rest and vest. Great stock refreshers, up to x2 amazon TC, wayyyy better office culture, and better resume padding if u are into that.
    Jan 19 0


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