What’s Audible internship pay scale for a non-Ivy League CS graduate in Newark ?

May 9, 2019 8 Comments

Also, what all benefits do they get ? Does Audible provide lodging to out of town grads ? And do they pay hourly or fixed monthly salary to interns like any full time employee ?


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  • Amazon NMJO05
    Not sure how hiring works there. Did you tag amazon bc you went through amazon recruitment and got placed in audible?
    May 9, 2019 7
    • Amazon NMJO05
      School doesn’t matter. In fact all interns get paid the standard depending on location. Conversion rate is unknown but every other intern I know from my school also got the return offer. Haven’t met anyone who didn’t get it.
      May 11, 2019
    • BlackRock / Eng saywat
      Thanks ... what are their position/titles ? Intern or SDE ?
      Jun 4, 2019


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