What’s the deal with Walmart e-commerce??

Disney / Product aHzn32
Jul 3, 2019 11 Comments

3rd Recruiter reaches out in 2 months... I said I don’t have e-commerce background since last two times hiring manager said they are looking for e-commerce background... this time she said background doesn’t matter, we need good product manager... I said let’s give it a try... hiring manager does a phone call, I pass with flying colors... I have to say I would not even call him for an on-site 🙈, he made up a fuzzy question on the fly... I still did well...

He sends me home work right away saying this is 2nd round, I asked for level and TC and they say they will match expectations... I did the homework, had to read about some e-commerce stuff... peers gave thumbs up on homework....

And today recruiter emailed: it’s not you, it’s us.... we need a specific background!!!! I am like WHAT D TRUCK!!!!

Anyone at Walmart can help me understand what could be going on???


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  • Walmart.com / IT

    Walmart.com IT

    JB Hunt
    All recruiting is outsourced. Its a fucking mess.
    Jul 3, 2019 5
    • Disney / Product aHzn32
      That won’t be appropriate for me to share here
      Jul 3, 2019
    • Jet LKJHHH
      So much for the Blind value prop
      Jul 3, 2019
  • Grab Ssatay
    I think you dodged a bullet. If I the interview is this screwed up, can you imagine working there?
    Jul 3, 2019 1
    • Disney / Product aHzn32
      You are right, I was not super excited anyway... just a good practice opportunity I thought... I thought being in Bay Area how bad it could be... I guess I was wrong 🤣🤣🙈🙈
      Jul 3, 2019
  • Dell / Eng

    Dell Eng

    Haha. Faced the same. Bunch of confused fucks.
    Jul 3, 2019 0
  • Walmart.com 🌲50
    @OP I am sorry this happened to you. This is not acceptable. You can DM me the team and recruiter email. In tech hiring, atleast, the hiring teams try to make sure the candidate has a great experience irrespective of the interview outcome.
    Jul 4, 2019 0
  • Walmart waltontime
    Hey you dodged a bullet! The red flags are a very accurate representation of this chaotic mess.
    Aug 11, 2019 0


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