Which career path is the best?

Nov 1, 2019 4 Comments

Asking for a friend. Screenshots of answers will be sent to the friend so please be gentle 😉. Thanks in advance.

No coding experience nor interested in LC. Bachelors in Business. Age: in 40s. Current position: Biz Op Management. Location: LA. YOE: 20+. TC: $160k.

How do I get into any of these? I have implemented systems but I'm not in "Tech" and have never worked in that industry. Where do I start from? Do you I need to take courses or get another degree? Is it better to get into big companies like Google or Amazon for these positions or they won't hire me? What are the pros and cons and salary range of each one?

Program Manager
Product Manager
Project Manager
Business Analyst
Data Analyst


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  • New / Product Goooogle
    In my experience, biz ops folks run data and models especially when they are working with digital products. I think it would make sense for him to start there. There are bootcamps that can help him beef up his skills too.
    I have also seen managers of Biz Op be great project managers because they do a lot of coordination, documentation, communication and planning. Those are all PM skills. He should definitely read up about the PMP and check out resources from the PMI
    Nov 1, 2019 1
  • Google Algorithmi
    The first two have clear, long-term career trajectories. Business analyst and data analyst are dead-end at many companies.

    What is the friend's educational background? I can't tell whether "not a grad" implies high school drop out, or undergrad (in some business major) but not masters/PhD (grad degree)?
    Nov 1, 2019 1
    • OP
      Thank you. Sorry about the confusion. By not grad meant not a 20 year old fresh out of college. Degree is bachelors in Business. Will update post. Thanks again
      Nov 1, 2019


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