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Java Programmer- 15 YOE including Android Mobile Developer - 8 YOE.
Jun 6, 2019 4 Comments

Asking Senior Tech and Engineers only.

Do you create your own work? And introduce Plans to accomplish them?
Or, do you wait for a complete end-to-end formal initiation Process involving Stakeholders, Budget discussions and approvals, allotments, Product and Planning, and only then begin your Tech and Engineering effort?

I am so work-less and task-less at my job in my area of expertise right now, that I could practically re-write the entire code-base, re-engineer, re-architect with the latest Google I/O 2019 Android Offerings for the Android App at my work-place, but of course it's a two-month long endeavor, and the real question, should I even do that, because the Authorities typically have an entirely different point-of-view on this situation. The other problem, I am unaware of what my Leads and Managers and Directors are planning for me into the future, have been that way for the past 8 months actually.

YOE : 15 as Java, includes 8 as Android.
TC : 150K
Location : NYC


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  • Amazon Cducs
    Depends on the company. At Amazon a senior engineer is responsible for gathering that complete end-to-end formal initiation process. It’s not that a senior engineer is expected to produce all of that but they need to engage the correct people and get the teams started on producing it.

    Edit: oh and it’s totally reasonable and expected that the senior engineer should get a PoC put together. Sometimes that PoC is used for the actual project other times it’s just used as a direction to go.
    Jun 6, 2019 3
    • Amazon Cducs
      Yeah it’s definitely different at smaller companies but at a smaller company you should be much more in touch with business needs as a senior engineer.

      For example at my last job, a senior dev at a $12MM revenue company I had to understand what our customers were going to be asking for in the upcoming years, making sure that we would be ready for that code wise. Our code base was very dated and needed a major refactor that would take a year. I not only wanted to do this refactor because I disliked working with that code base but because I could see that we wouldn’t be able to deal with the way our industry was moving (limited in capability and it was really slow). Put the idea out there about why it would be good to refactor and a few months later I got the go ahead to start. While working on the project one of our major customers said that we had to get it to run in under an hour (would take up to 48 hours currently). That ended up fitting perfectly for the refactor that was already under way and allowed us to offer a new feature that would run in 8 minutes.

      So that’s what I feel needs to be done by senior engineers at smaller companies is to see where the industry is going to be in a couple of years and make sure that the company is prepared for it.
      Jun 6, 2019
    • Fox News / Eng

      Fox News Eng

      Java Programmer- 15 YOE including Android Mobile Developer - 8 YOE.
      So, startups are a different ball-game, I understand that. How about Firms that are primarily Business Driven Tech. News and Media is not a monetization product, Ads are. What do you think is the role of Senior Engineers in the Tech Department of a News Agency or Media Company, particularly website engineers or Mobile App engineers like myself, when it comes to creating Work for themselves, for the team, into the near future?
      Jun 6, 2019


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