Worker Surveillance

Jan 24 6 Comments

Guys, I was wondering if any of you know how the company you're working for is tracking you?

Are you aware how such surveillance takes place?
Please exemplify.

Do you have a clue what our companies are doing with such data? Is it only for HR purposes or for safety / theft prevention as well?


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  • Google wаt
    I see auditd on my machine writing logs about all files that i access into /var/log and a bunch of weird proprietary daemons logging who knows what. Chrome is probably rigged to log everything. There's custom bios firmware probably detecting boots from unauthorized USB devices, custom linux kernel ...

    It's a safe assumption to make that they log everything they can. Storage's cheap
    Jan 24 1
  • CenterPoint Energy 10111
    Short answer. Yes you are being tracked (e.g., cameras, security badge use, password logins, websites visited, dates/times of access, keystrokes, and more). Whether someone is actually watching those logs every hour is another question, but HR can and will quickly pull those logs if they think you did something suspicious. Monitoring technology is fairly advanced, it just needs to be set up properly and have someone knowledgable to interpret the logs, whether it’s in real time or after the fact.
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  • Uber U/
    Alexa devices in Amazon meeting rooms?
    Jan 24 0
  • Splunk wassup1
    Are you referring to like monitoring on company laptop or at the company building or like in life general??
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