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Feb 12 532 Comments

We’ve heard of 100 Best Companies To Work For, now presenting Blind’s 20 Worst Companies to Work For poll.

Whats the worst company to work for? [fixed poll form for consistency, was comprehensive to top of mind FAANG+ and from company suggestions I saw commented on another post that was not poll form]

Comment justification and if I missed your least favorite company.

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TOP 532 Comments
  • Intel / Eng Feetcode
    Why Amazon lol?
    Feb 12 17
    • Amazon bleppor
      It is worth working at Amazon long enough to "graduate" with a PIVOT offer. Every other employer knows how many top quality engineers Amazon fires every year.
      Feb 12
    • Amazon Rainz
      * good, not great initial offer. Hint, negotiate your offer. But you will notice a huge financial cliff at the end of 4 years, which I am almost at the end of the run way.

      * benefits suck...seriously, I got way better benefits at startups I did before this job.

      * people just depend, I have run into smart ones and dumb ones. Good teams with low ops and ones that suck the life out of you.

      * most good middle mangers (L7’s & L8’s) don’t last long. Most take their 4 years of stock and run. What that means is that rarely do good directors make their way to VP and cause the change that is required to u nfuck this company.
      Feb 13
  • Amazon / Eng pipMeister
    Fuck me...I need to leave...
    Feb 12 6
    • Amazon / Eng pipMeister
      Well that escalated quickly
      Feb 12
    • JPMorgan Chase / Eng cQJp66
      Wow...the love runs deep lmao
      Feb 12
  • Google recu
    I was sure Amazon will win here. If you make for best, Google will win.
    Blind being blind.
    Feb 12 2
    • Amazon BlindIy
      Feb 12
    • Google H0peLess
      Blind can be inclined, but this doesn't make working at Amazon better.
      Feb 12
  • Amazon K?
    The poll is biased because of the large number of Amazon employees on blind. Of course amazon employees will select amazon
    Feb 12 9
    • Microsoft nh91
      Not sure you help your own case by saying that. I am with Microsoft and wouldn’t call it the worst company I ever worked for.
      Feb 12
    • Microsoft disproves this argument, they have similar blind population and msft is pretty low on the rank.
  • LinkedIn fgl
    LinkedIn not even on the list? Is that a compliment or a diss? Lol
    Feb 12 2
    • Microsoft / Eng TC_Hoe
      Bruh you Microsoft now... welcome to mediocrity
      Feb 12
    • LinkedIn fgl
      U right
      Feb 12
  • Amazon / Eng 1337c043
    Who else came to see if Amazon was "winning" lol.

    I don't agree with it, but still wanted to check it out haha
    Feb 12 1
  • Microsoft 💦 all day
    Government, full of dead weight, unmotivated paper pushers who just delay, delay, delay. There are positions there that should not be positions at all.

    There was a guy that got 6 figure salary to just lock/unlock a room due to clearance. Worst yet, another position had to take inventory for that room once a month, that's it!! Yet they complain their job is difficult.

    Bunch of the engineers are so protective of their work that collaboration with other teams are like pulling teeth. Engineers are so outdated both on the tools and technique side. Got into so many discussions that lead to no where trying to convince these morons on some of the most basic trival shit that other organizations wouldn't need a meeting for.

    Our tax paper dollars are being put to good use. Definition of socialism.
    Feb 12 4
    • And yet most blinders want the government to run everything, including their health care
      Feb 13
    • Microsoft 💦 all day
      A lot of people don't understand how government is so destructive.
      Feb 13
  • Epic Games iChF12
    Why no gaming companies?
    Feb 12 6
    • Man, Thank God my friend talked me out of it. I wanted to be a VR Game Dev.
      Although healthcare is no better. 90% of the people company have no idea what we are doing. They just use the apps and complain non-stop if there is a bug.
      Feb 12
    • Ubisoft yLcC27
      Let's be honest. I don't know how AAA got that bad reputation of crunch, maybe it was in the last decade. But for the past 3 years, that seems to be false. I've worked with top tier tech companies and AAA (not just UBI). My AAA gig have been comparatively more relaxed. It's the qc & design team that's working hard for the most part.
      Feb 13
  • New fMRV50
    I WAS planning on applying for Amazon but this gave me pause.
    Feb 12 14
    • IBM / Eng

      IBM Eng

      Wait so work life balance is awful and people are always trying to get ahead of you in Amazon? What other cons are there?
      Feb 13
    • Amazon ZaYx69
      It's one thing if you're fighting for a promotion to "get ahead", it's another to fight to keep your job, esp with other folks being sole income earners etc
      Feb 13
  • Xilinx super-
    This Poll is flawed.

    It will automatically skew towards the companies with most employees on Blind.
    Feb 12 1
    • Microsoft / Eng TC_Hoe
      Microsoft has highest number of employees on blind
      Feb 12


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