Would you go from DELL to AWS (Sales Teams) for almost the same TC?

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This is in South America, Argentina, so we only have Sales functions here, I am a Salesman coming from a tech backgroung in Consulting. The numbers will not be relevant to you as its foreign currency but in a nutshell the big difference is the hiring bonus and the stocks being granted (aprox usd 80K which is a big deal here). I've been in Dell for 10 years.


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    Folks here will prolly need more info to give you better advice -

    1. Is dell giving you higher total comp (including equity) or is amazon giving you a better deal? Asking since you mentioned almost same TC but it looks like there is some difference in equity
    2. Are you learning and growing in dell currently?
    3. Is moving to amazon a one step climb down in career or is it going to make your career move up significantly?
    4. What is your motivation of job change?
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    • Dell / Sales wglasses
      Amazon gives me more TC, I have no equiry at Dell. Amazon is offering +30% in base pay + variable but that amount is almost cosidered as "equivalent" in Argentina where we have a yearly inflation of about 50%.
      I am learning and growing in Dell, not as much as I think will learn on AWS.
      In my perception is a step up, the role ks pretty much the same but this could be my first time as Account Manager, I am currently a Datacenter Sales Exec.
      My motivation is advance in my career, my biggest fear is WLB as I just been a dad.
      Jan 18
  • EMC / Product 2cloud
    Do you think Dell will be better long term when the market cap growth for data center infrastructure will be stagnant or go down next decade. Also Dell is going into to the subscription based or pay as you model correct.. will sales be able to make the same amount like they used to?
    For me personally getting into cloud or saas side of the business will be valuable for me career.
    I'm in product management at Dell by the way :)
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  • JPMorgan Chase wQPG76
    Personally I think you could get more from Dell by disclosing that you have been approached by a competitor. In the US not offering more compensation I would find it insulting
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    • Dell / Sales wglasses
      I am in the process of getting more from Dell, lets see what they comenup with.
      Jan 18


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