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how much is the salary in Amazon for a senior manager? i am currently senior manager at capital one and interviewing at Amazon.
they have asked for expected salary.


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  • Capital One hookie
    Thanks for your comment. It is for software engineering manager SEA27.
    Not sure what level SEA27 is.
    Jan 7 3
    • Amazon ckik58
      This is the building where the interview will take place.

      From the title, it seems L6.

      How many yoe?
      Jan 7
    • Capital One hookie
      Hi yes it is level 6, potential in Seattle or Nashville TN.
      Jan 8
  • Amazon 7ZZ7Z2Z7
    Hold on, is it Sr Manager as in SrSDM or is it Sr PM? both are different levels and are an entirely different pay bands.
    Jan 7 0
  • Microsoft wKqd73
    L6 pay ranges for the first 4 years are right around 350 TC. L7 is between 450-600 depending on the stock rip. Your base at amazon will not be more than 160k (unless In Seattle, NY, or SF). A strong offer is somewhere in the following levels:

    L6 - 160k base, 250k cash sign on, 250k stock. (Give or take 50-60k on each cash and stock bucket)

    L7 - 160k base, 350k cash sign on, 400k stock. (Give or take 75k on both buckets)

    Push for it. Ask for it. Worst they’ll say is no. Just simply say “so happy with the chance to be here, but i was hoping the offer would be in “x” range. I’m incredibly excited about the chance to join Amazon, but I owe it to the family to at least ask the question if you can do any better on the cash or stock piece of the offer...” see what they say. Frame it that way, and the worst thing they do is say no. Most HR people if you come across humble and like able, will go to bat for you. Framing the dialog that way will help you greatly. Best of luck.
    Jan 7 0
  • eBay nvgT5#
    Level? L6 or L7?
    Jan 7 0
  • TI / Product IOlOl0
    Check Need to add your current TC and also what sort of manager it is? Swe, pm, other?
    Jan 7 0
  • Capital One hookie
    Hi title is software development manager L6.
    Jan 8 0


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