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Blue Origin pDCz33
Jan 14 5 Comments

Anyone have a suggestion for the most accurate cost of living comparator or calculator? I’m finding most don’t consider taxes in the mix and I don’t trust most of what I’m getting back.

The ones I know about are Bankrate, CNNMoney, NerdWallet, and SmartAsset.


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  • Walmart / Eng MtDew
    Nope, I haven't found anything that gives a decent ballpark.

    All of them make blanket assumptions and simplify way too much. I prefer using a default Google sheets template for annual budget. Then, extrapolate numbers from my real life numbers using individual categories on one of the calculators. Get taxes from smartasset. And expected salary from

    Tedious but works.
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    • Blue Origin pDCz33
      Yep. In the past this has been much more accurate for me
      Jan 14
  • Amazon pneuma
    Jan 14 1
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      Second numbeo
      Jan 14
  • Blue Origin pDCz33
    Numbeo seems to be the least accurate so far, if I’m using it right
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