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i see alot of people saying they make over $$100-400k+ in salary even seen someone say $1m+ on blind. not saying they are lying but my main question is will they still have a job if a crash were to happen? if yes, what position do you think youd have to be to keep your job? below what position would you most likely be fired? please explain


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    Think it’s just math and stock prices. Most of the salaries will shrink by half in a market crash because of that much of a crash in stock prices.

    I think the teams associated with internal tooling and workflows who are getting paid a lot but don’t make that much of an impact will be affected first.

    Simple math value you provide to company > salary*4. If that doesn’t hold even if the company is doing well right now, I think is a reason to worry.

    Doesn’t matter whether the salary is 10k or 1m
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