do background checks verify your resume?

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asking for a friend who stupidly lied on his resume. His resume shows he still works at company X but he has been unemployed for 6 months.

he finally got a good sde2 offer (FAANG) but now has to do a background check. the background check company asks to fill out a separate form detailing work history that they then validate.

if he is truthful on the background check form and accurately lists his experience will he be ok? or will they also go back and cross check that with his pdf version of resume?


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  • JPMorgan Chase 0b1
    It's risky, depends if the background check company is going to call to validate the dates listed at the company your friend says he works at. It's a simple call to do a date validation check. Any discrepancies identified will be reported back to the hiring manager. Again, it's hit or miss, but since it's FAANG, I would think they pay for quality background checks.
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    • JPMorgan Chase 0b1
      Yeah so if you lie and they validate it, they will report back. If you tell the truth and they compare to the resume (if supplied to them), they catch a discrepancy. Again, it varies based on the background check company, who is doing the check, etc.

      I have seen background check results when hiring, and do catch a few lies, but I also understand people don't want gaps on their resume so if their skills are great and they ace the interview, I usually overlook the gaps.
      Jan 14
    • Airbnb bnbair
      Sounds like the finance industry mentality. As a hiring manager for many years, Gaps in resumes are fine, but lying shows the lack of integrity and that is not fine.
      Jan 14
  • B. Coast
    “he still works at company X but he has been unemployed for 6 months.”

    Put the correct date on the form and claim that the resume was outdated. 6 months is a stretch, but this did happen to me when i submit a resume and a recruiter takes 2-3 mo to get back to me.
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  • Amazon oVIH81
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    • New WGus28
      How do they know the projects mentioned on resume aren't bogus
      Jan 14
    • Amazon oVIH81
      Who did the company hr doing reference checks or the actual background company. Two different things
      Jan 14
  • Amazon iceeu
    Big companies will verify your school, graduate date, previous employees and employment date and criminal background check. I just got my background check back and those things are clearly on there. No titles.
    Jan 14 13
    • Adobe ceED75bn
      do they also check the current level?
      Feb 5
    • Amazon eatapples
      I don’t think they can verify current level. Just company, title, and dates.
  • So, if background check company will call current company to verify stuff, would my current company know I'm leaving immediately?
    Jan 14 1
    • Virtusa _Big_Dawg
      No the BG check can cite any reason
      Jan 14
  • AMD QVgF00
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  • Sony twCh12
    I’m Interested in the answer to this too
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  • Dell LUHV04
    I believe that the HR of current company does call past company to check for employemet dates and whether the employee currently works there or not

    When you fill forms for new company , they should ask for contacts of prior firm and dates of employment etc.
    So , most likely they would catch you there

    Sorry to put this message out straight
    I know this is not what you wanted to hear
    There is still a chance where the process may be short cutted and no one calls
    Jan 14 2
    • Adobe ceED75bn
      do they also check the level of the employee?
      Feb 5
    • Dell LUHV04
      This I don’t know
      Feb 6
  • Gener8 job101
    What happens if you leave a company out of your resume? Should you report it in the background check form?
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  • Amazon SirDouglas
    It will check resume based on dates, location, and where checks were mailed.

    Your friend can clarify the discrepancy up and just fill that gap with "freelance"
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