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Feb 13 25 Comments

hi folks,

i just received the nrws that facebook wants to move forward with an offer as a software engineer. not sure if it’s E5 or E6 level, feeling like E5. what should I expect. i have interviews with other uniocorns and FANG companies. what numbers should I expect? passed HC.
YOE: 7

P.S: I have around 120k vesting in Sep (2nd part of signing bonus and stocks), and I don’t want to lose those, can I ask them to factor that in?


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  • Juniper 5'1"Navajo
    Yes. Have that 120k vesting added to the package. This is usually in the form of RSUs vesting in the same schedule as your old schedule. You will have to show them RSU bank statements to confirm truthfulness. No biggie. This it's done all the time. 👍
    Feb 13 7
    • Microsoft / Eng iWork4$
      @Butthugs, Agree I'm a noobI can see my vesting schedule only within MS internal site not on fidelity site. Have you seen that in the Fidelity site as an MS employee.? I spent the last 30 mins searching for vesting schedule and there is none. Wtf am I missing here...
      Feb 13
    • Juniper 5'1"Navajo
      Call Fidelity or your ask HR to guide you. Your Microsoft Fidelity account (different login) is different than as normal Fidelity account. And YES YOU can see the unvested tranches with the vest dates, lol.
      Feb 14
  • Amazon ezaA71
    Congrats.. My packet is being sent to HC today.. will know by eod. Recruiter mentioned that feedbacks are leaning towards positive.

    Fingers crossed.. If I get it, then will connect with you :)
    Feb 13 10
    • Amazon ezaA71
      9 yrs for me.
      Feb 13
    • T. Rowe Price racer9
      @ezaA71 congratulations!!
      Feb 15
  • Apple wJcv14
    They'll lowball you with 180/500/50, but negotiate it to 200/700/100.
    Feb 13 2
    • Is that 700k over 4 years, and is the 100 signing bonus?
      Feb 13
    • Google / Eng ABC-CEO
      Sounds 'bout right
      Feb 13
  • Cisco rsXr02
    Congrats! How long does it take from onsite to offer?
    Feb 13 1
    • Amazon ezaA71
      Depends ... For me it took 2 weeks... The wait kills you when you know ur interview went well..
      Feb 13
  • Google SdrPikachu
    Check out levels.fyi
    Feb 13 0


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