from Zillow to OCI?

Jan 17 30 Comments

I got an offer from OCI for IC4
7 YoE
Location: Redwood, CA

TC: 250k
Base: 180K
Sign-on: 20K
Stock: ~= 70K / year

Current TC at Zillow is 230K

That's not that big of a jump, my main reason for considering OCI is a learning opportunity, I did not work on clouds before at all. Zillow is a great company, they really care about their people and I love working there. Except that technologically the challenge there is rather the complexity of the business process than the scale of operations. There are not that many home purchases happening daily, you know.

My main concern is stability of the group, getting laid off or PIPed is the last thing I want for family and visa reasons. Also, would experience of building OCI using internal Oracle tools and services translate well into the outside industry practices?

I am both afraid and excited. I would be very thankful for insights from OCI guys or people who faced similar questions.

UPDATE: I decided to stay at Zillow. Reasons being uncertain future of OCI, news about layoffs at Oracle (and particularly in the grop which invited me, IDCS), and me prioritizing my visa status safety. Zillow as a company is earning money and is doing well financially at the moment. It can not be said about Oracle which hides its cloud "successes" by combining them with licence revenues and is buying back its shares to keep their price from falling.

"It's never safe to join an unsuccessful product", "Stay away if you are on work visa"
© TeamBlind collective wisdom.

PS. I sent a farewell email message to the people at Oracle and got a bounce notification from mailbox of my would-be direct manager. He became "Unknown recipient address" whilst I was thinking.



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TOP 30 Comments
  • Microsoft / Eng ballmers
    Such a small bump
    Jan 17 0
  • Goldman Sachs mynameisb
    Isn't this TC too low for IC4?
    Jan 17 0
  • Zillow Group melnorme
    Posted update to the story. TLDR: I passed.
    Feb 3 6
    • Genentech job2020
      How many days do you have before the deadline of offer?
      Feb 4
    • Zillow Group melnorme
      @Genetech - I did accept and reneged before sending in my visa papers. So that they did not have to spend money on that. Still a dick move, I know. I regret accepting.

      @Intel - I do not know for sure about the team lead. No updates on his Linkedin. All I know is that Oracle people stopped CC'ing him in their last emails, and my message to him bounced.
      Feb 4
  • Intel Hope:)
    Negotiate. You deserve at least 300k
    Jan 17 4
    • Zillow Group melnorme
      Frankly, I rather find IC4 title surprising, not the TC. I would be much more comfortable with IC3, making sure that I will meet their expectations.
      Jan 17
    • Intel Hope:)
      Even as IC3, you should negotiate stocks
      Jan 17
  • Oracle dragonflyy
    Congratulations on the offer. Which team in OCI?
    Jan 17 3
    • Oracle dragonflyy
      IDCS or IAM?
      Jan 17
    • Zillow Group melnorme
      Oracle Identity Cloud Services
      Jan 17
  • Microsoft Tin man
    Don't let them get away with that sign on bonus
    Jan 18 2
    • Cognizant / Eng

      Cognizant Eng

      you're my bio
      Yeah the sign on seems low
      Jan 18
    • Cisco hTIj02
      One recruiter mentioned oracle considers the joining bonus as part of their total comp , similar to amazon , is that true ?
      Jan 22
  • Microsoft / Product HJnA06
    Good offer! Curious to know if IDCS team growing? AFAIK Oracle IDCS is not very popular among enterprise customers. To add to the confusion OCI has its own IAM feature set. Most enterprises have deployed either Azure AD or Okta as their primary IdP for cloud applications and use IDCS free/bundled version for SAML SP integration with Oracle apps.
    Jan 20 1
    • Zillow Group melnorme
      Thank you! To me IDCS looks like Okta-like solution from Oracle, sitting on top of IAM base layer of access control features. I did not know that enterprise customers tend to use Okta itself, through it makes sense, given open nature of SAML.
      Jan 20
  • Microsoft / Product HJnA06
    Good call!
    Feb 5 0
  • Genentech job2020
    FB is hiring.
    Feb 4 0
  • Genentech jKWx62
    If TC is not different, you should keep interviewing other companies, then use OCI offer to negotiate new offers to get the top TC.
    Jan 24 0


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