google relocation - points or lump sum?

Jan 15 5 Comments

just got an offer from google and will be relocating. anyone been through it before and have tips or advice to maximize the benefits?

the plan is
we own our condo and will be renting it out
we will be renting where we go while we look for a house
have 2 kids who will be switching schools
no car but will need to get one

tc $230k / 10 YOE

update: after understanding the points, it was by far the way tl go. we could pick what support we needed, ie. move 2 bedrooms is X Points, rental car is Y points, but we didnt need language services for Z points, so we could apply that to whatever we chose.


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  • Panasonic USA wellwellya
    Jan 23 0
  • Google gaNB03
    Why wouldn't you speak with the relocation contact they provide who can explain to you how your own situation might relate to the suite of benefits. Oh right,better to shout into the void than use the actual dedicated contact point you have....[facepalm]
    Jan 15 1
    • Facebook aCj1
      I was waiting for the call to be scheduled and trying to research so I could go into the call with an informed POV. I was asking for tips on how to maximize points. Thanks for responding to the void and I look forward to being coworkers.
      Jan 30
  • Amazon nyDG04
    What is points
    Jan 15 0
  • Google abczzz
    points most definitely, with lump sum, you'll lose significant percent of it in taxes.
    Jan 15 0


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