google shuttle?

Oct 16, 2019 4 Comments


Got google offer in slu and girlfriend works in microsoft advanta near bellevue college.

What shuttle does google provide to ease this situation?


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Google does run shuttles in the Seattle area but not a ton. You can get from most places to SLU via public transit if there’s no GBus though. Where do you live?
    Oct 16, 2019 1
    • Microsoft tech yogi
      Is there a tech in google slu campus?
      Oct 17, 2019
  • Google flknhvy
    Check with recruiter.
    Oct 16, 2019 0
  • Amazon / Eng .gop
    L3 or L4? Swe or non-tech?
    Oct 16, 2019 0


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