is belated google interview feedback usually negative?

Jan 20 9 Comments

if a google interviewer submits his/her feedback much later (one to two weeks), how likely is the feedback actually positive?


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  • Pinterest buttwhy?
    Damn man. Thinking too much. Don’t get stuck in the rabbit hole of calculating your chances.
    Jan 20 0
  • Google / Mgmt

    Google Mgmt

    Nope. They just got busy
    Jan 20 0
  • Amazon / Eng beffzon
    It could be... Atleast in my case it was
    Jan 20 5
    • Amazon / Eng beffzon
      I didn't care either. I did not want to join Google yet. I'm quite happy with my current company. Will try for L4 in a some time. Also I got my phone screen feedback after a month
      Jan 20
    • Microsoft Rygo26
      Good for you!
      Jan 20
  • Google UWOM24
    No, it may be either way.
    Jan 20 0


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