old school question - MS or MBA ?

Dec 27, 2019 9 Comments

Background - i have bachelors deegree from india ( not from a tier 1 college) so i feel having masters or MBA deegre from reputated college helps in longer run of the career. But i cant leave the job due to financial or person reasons so doing it on weekend/online is the only option.

i am not a software engineer, my role is somewhat similar to technical program manager. it doesnt mean i dont know how to code but i dont feel like to code.

whenever i was applying to any company, job req metions good to have masters to MBA as preferred.

here are some thoughts on MS vs MBA which i came up:-

1. Doing MBA from UC berkeley or any other good college on weekend makes sense but it costs around 100k and my company doesnt have reimbursement policy so thought of doing it after some experience as i am quite young.

2. i found georgia tech masters really economical and good course but i was confused if i should go with analysitcs or compueter science.

i am more of management person than hard core developer thats why i was thinking about business analytics
analytics would have some overlap with MBA which ill do after few years.

doing computer science in ML/AI will give some job security and more horizontal view but its not something which i really like ( involves coding )
but there is high demand of technical product managers so being technical will give an edge.

hence i am confused should i go with analytics or CS ?


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  • Google graphicalg
    The bigger question that you need to answer is what do you want to do after you get the degree (regardless of which degree you end up getting). Let’s assume that you already had an MBA or an MS, what would be your ideal role?

    If your ideal role is to be a developer, then maybe the MS is preferable (even though lots of devs don’t have an MS). You mention that you want to do an MS in ML, but you don’t want to be developing code. MS won’t help you into management. Business analytics is also a very generic term.

    If you want to go into finance, consulting, operations, supply chain, etc then MBA is the way to go. Product Managers might also have MBAs in some companies (typically Amazon), but is not a prerequisite for most companies.

    So, I think that you should first figure out what role you want to get after your graduate degree, search what degree other people on those positions have and then decide accordingly.

    The question “MBA or MS” is similar to the question “apples or oranges”? Unless you know your own taste and goals, it’s not possible for others to provide a very valuable answer.
    Dec 27, 2019 2
    • Nutanix rKuI81
      Thank you for detailed answer and agree with you .
      I want to go over product management ( may be I can improve my question to have a better understanding)
      As per my analysis - it’s always good to have MBA for PM . But I know some PMs who just talk and don’t know what they are talking as they are lacking technical part so not sure if MS can help ?
      Dec 27, 2019
    • Google graphicalg
      What is your undergrad degree on? Do you feel that you have technical depth? If you were hired as a PM today, would you be one of those PMs “who just talk and don’t know what they are talking”?

      The MBA is a very expensive degree. A top school will cost you $150k-$200k for the degree. If you add 2 years of lost salaries (I don’t know your salary, but let’s say that it is $100k-$150k), we’re easily talking about $300k-500k total cost. Are you going to recoup this amount? If you get a job that is eg $100k more than what you’re paid today, then maybe it makes sense.

      Getting most jobs is not tied to a degree. For example, if you rock Leetcode, then you could be hired as a dev even if you don’t have a technical degree. There are similar ways to prepare for a PM interview.

      Have you talked to PMs in your company and determine what they do in their day-to-day jobs? Is this something that you’d like to do? Would you pay $300k-$500k to be in their place?
      Dec 27, 2019
  • Simple, if you are pus*y, go do MBA or whatever else helps you sleep better at night.
    If you want to learn and improve your skills, MS!
    Dec 27, 2019 3
  • Dell pivoter
    You answered your question at least 4 times... you hate coding. So get your MBA with a strong concentration in data analytics. A MBA alone is bleh and not going to be competitive enough.
    Dec 27, 2019 0
  • Apple LC->TC
    YOE? Academic background becomes less important compared to work experience as you age (professionally)
    Dec 27, 2019 0


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