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CDK Global / Eng Interny
Sep 4, 2019 3 Comments

Hey everyone! I’m currently a rising junior at Washington State University and was looking for a referral to: Cisco, Capitol One, Expedia, PayPal, and other tech (or fintech) in the SF/NYC area! This would be for another SWE internship

I interned previously as a SWE intern at CDK Global. I’m also involved with Apple and Facebook on campus (part time Apple corp employee currently) and have attended/organized hackathons!

Have also done a good amount of practice through LC & CTCI

thank you :)


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  • CDK Global DEjX27
    Come back to CDK ?
    Sep 5, 2019 2
    • CDK Global DEjX27
      If you feel like that leave and leave it for us who are making it work
      Dec 8, 2019
    • New //root
      How is CDK ? Do you like?


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