renting in palo alto - worth it ??

Jan 15 6 Comments

Wife and I like palo alto. We heard the elementary schools are great , even compared to cupertino sd. we have a toddler , planning for one more kid).

spouse’s daily commute to google(sunnyvale) doesn’t seem to be terrible .

should we consider paying 6k in rent for a 3bd ??? are we crazy to be spending so much on rent ?

TC( combined) : 450k


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  • Uber ydp
    6k is ok. If you buy you will spend 12k for mortgage...
    Jan 15 1
    • Google gaNB03
      12k for a mortgage... maybe extend your commute by 15 minutes and spend reduce your mortgage by 3x
      Jan 15
  • Drug use is high in middle schools, as well as depression. Stick to private schools when your kids are old enough.

    For high schools, Paly/Gunn are not actually that great education wise, I attended and found it lacking in comparison to my overseas private school, more lacking than you would expect considering the rankings.
    Jan 15 1
    • Sprinklr pbhangre
      Our kid is only 3.5, aiming for elementary schools
      Jan 15
  • SurveyMonkey dude72
    Lifestyle in Palo Alto is really sweet. I mean like anywhere in the world you still have to watch out but it’s pretty safe and it’s unique to living in other cities in the bay.. I’ve lived in other places in the bay and life style here is unmatched. Nice neighborhoods, etc etc
    Jan 15 0
  • Salesforce Ttov17
    I personally think 6k in rent for a 3bd is pretty good for palo alto! rent is crazy all over the bay area! i live in palo alto and have kids in elementary school. if you want, message me and i can try to answer questions.....
    Jan 15 0


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