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Jan 20 7 Comments

i’m a sr. analyst and am applying for PM/PO roles. a lot of associate PM role descriptions match my current responsibilities. Do I out APM on my resume or leave it as analyst and just show via my bullet points. #productmanagement #resume


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  • Bank of The West nazibur
    Don't lie about your current role because when they check references, itll be obvious you lied. Rather, highlight your accomplishments & be ready to answer a lot of situational questions
    Jan 20 4
    • Veritas dogyear
      Loosely manage other swe’s. I mainly develop now, I do attended some pm meetings but that’s about it
      Jan 20
    • Bank of The West nazibur
      I think you can leverage that in a PM interview re: people & time management. Leverage what phase you're involved in a project when you attend those meetings and how you delegate & execute from there on. The key here is how you talk about your experience vs. having a certain title. Like I mentioned above..when they check references, they'll find out about your current title so best not to lie but learn to "spin on a dime". Hope that helps!
      Jan 20
  • NVIDIA mangomania
    What if the job title I was hired for doesn’t reflect what I actually do?
    Jan 20 1
    • Bank of The West nazibur
      We have all been there. Link up with a recruiter to understand how to apply for the job you want. Or network and get the title you want from someone you've already worked with and knows you.
      Jan 20


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