senior ux designer potential offers at Amazon, Stripe, and Docusign

Jan 7 5 Comments

i feel like a fool these days looking around this app ppl seemed to be getting paid serious cash. can someone help me understand how much im worth...

im a senior ux in chicago with 7 yoe
paygrade 6 of 14
103k base
10% annual bonus
not a lick of stock
so trying to move.

Amazon Seattle (i asked for)
160k base (figured this was their limit)
130k rsu over 4 years
left signing bonus open.
we havent chatted about it since i wrote it down in an email (i thought it was a little early to fill this out. but current employee said it was normal.. whoops?) but going onsite soon

Stripe Seattle
No chats yet about money
scheduling onsite

Docusign San Fran
no chats yet about money
scheduling onsite

anyone with similar experience pls let me know. I know im underpaid in chicago but whatevs only up from here.
trying to schedule these onsites next to eachother to evaluate offers.
on round 2 with chase in SF , Amex in SF, and Linkedin SF


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  • SHIFT amilit
    Check Amazon it's stingy but you can shoot for 300+ if you kill it in the interviews.

    Also, never give a number first. Rule #1 of negotiation
    Jan 7 2
    • Salesforce yaDn81
      This is interesting with Apples comment. Does it not matter if you live in SF vs Seattle. Cause SF is way more expensive but I’m seeing 300TC as something to shoot for in both cities
      Jan 9
    • SHIFT amilit
      Seattle is not too far behind from SF.
      Jan 9
  • I agree with amilit. At 7 YOE it’s possible to get senior positions. If you’re able to 300k is possible.

    I’ve not interviewed at those 3 but I do have same YOE. So my numbers for comparison.

    Current TC at Apple is around 300k. Base is around 200k. Cupertino.

    I also got an offer at FB though for ic4 not senior. Base: 165k. RSUs 190k/4. Sign on 30k. Menlo park.

    I passed HC at google but the downleveled me to L3 so ended convo.

    Late stage startup (perhaps similar to stripe/docusign) SF senior offer: 185k base. RSUs 350k/4.

    Also please don’t say San Fran.
    Jan 7 1
    • Salesforce yaDn81
      Thanks for the info! Lol I mean I grew up there, is that not a thing ppl say? I guess I used to say hella tight too, big mistake.
      Jan 9


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