software technology work change?

Fujitsu / Eng

Fujitsu Eng

Sr sde , 9+ years , c++, sdn, java
Jul 20, 2017 6 Comments

software engineer 8+ years experience, mostly wrote networking equipment software, c++. Recently doing software defined networking SW in Java in Bay area.
thinking of doing something else .. may be virtual reality, robotis or machine learning. Udacity has nanodegrees and thinking of trying something there.
Any comments on Udacity nanodegrees in VR, ml, robotics? which one is best and what gives most relevant and technically fun job options in Bay area?


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  • Amazon / Eng yerba
    VR and robotics are niche. You can get a gig doing ML infrastructure w/o a PhD but you're basically a plumber. Go embedded or distributed imho.
    Jul 21, 2017 3
    • Fujitsu / Eng

      Fujitsu Eng

      Sr sde , 9+ years , c++, sdn, java
      thanks, will figure out something
      Jul 21, 2017
    • Eigen / Eng

      Eigen Eng

      Distributed is super damn thing my friend i am a big fan of P2P
      Aug 10, 2017
    • TimeTackle pEwU88
      How's ML infrastructure different than backend infrastructure? Or any other infrastructure per se (like AWS or GCP). Do you consider all of them plumbing?
      Aug 26, 2017
  • TimeTackle pEwU88
    Funny that people think you need to be a PhD to do ML. Unless you're really writing TensorFlow or something similar , there's no reason a regular comp-sci/math/stats major can't do it. ML will become more and more accessible and democratized. People will be using it like any other software libraries. And most of the innovations for next decade will happen there. You need to have some specialization but not a damn PhD.
    Aug 26, 2017 0
  • WalmartLabs WinzGuru
    it's a common misunderstanding or should I say misinformation that without Phd you cannot do ML or you can't get a job in ML, the truth is if you get good enough you can get jobs in ML without having a PhD. plan 1 year of work comprising Udacity, Coursera and kaggle competitions then look for ML work in your own organisation and work for another year to 2 years. keep brushing up on probability, statistics, calculus and linear algebra all this time and never get out of touch of these topics.
    Aug 4, 2017 0


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