what are your goals for 2020?

Jan 8 582 Comments

Mine are -

1) career - get promoted
2) fitness - get in the best shape of my life, take regular fitness classes, learn swimming
3) love life - get married
4) money - increase networth by at least $200K


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TOP 582 Comments
  • New XKGB
    Keep being awesome.
    Spend less time on Blind.
    Jan 8 1
    • ICU Medical / Mktg

      ICU Medical Mktg

      Trying my own thing but doing something for someone else. 🤷🏼‍♂️
      Easy goal with first one. Second one in impossible.
      Jan 10
  • Amazon rBEV41
    Finish what I sta
    Jan 8 0
  • SAP PXkM70
    Career - focus on GMAT and coast in current job until I get into a top 20 FT MBA program.

    Fitness - get consistent with cardio, make healthier choices and cut down on booze

    Love life - move to Scottsdale to meet beautiful women and escape the Seattle shitshow

    Money - minimize unneeded expenses and bring net worth to 250k before 30
    Jan 8 18
    • Barclays PLC owel16
      @ebay - It's just an observation, why are you so offended?
      Jan 8
    • Google not-hotdog
      Aiming pretty low there
      Jan 8
    • SAP PXkM70
      Facebook plz go ur CEO is as incel as it gets
      Jan 8
    • Facebook IffV32
      Nah you stop being incel when you're successful sorry
      Jan 9
    • Lmao at incels calling other people incels.
  • Bloc / Eng cerealbox
    1. Make the time with my kids be more memorable.
    2. Be kinder and more understanding.
    3. Help someone out of a difficult situation.
    4. Take my father out of the country on vacation.
    5. Sweep my wife off her feet again.
    6. Develop healthy eating and exercise habits.
    7. Laid off recently so doing the LC thing and side projects hoping to land an offer in a big tech company.
    Jan 8 4
    • SAP DVOw73
      I wish you all the best! Nice list
      Jan 8
    • New / Eng flashh
      Good luck❤️
      Jan 8
    • GitHub OpOq88
      Love this list 💜
      Jan 8
    • Informatica rvjpo22
      I got laid off a few days ago. This list really helps. Thank you.
      Jan 10
  • Microsoft mpirzada
    Career - survive at FB
    Fitness - less sugar, more activity
    Love life - try to enjoy the arranged marriage I got myself into
    Money - survive at FB and it takes care of itself
    Jan 8 14
    • PayPal colossal
      Jan 8
    • Microsoft anushka
      Jan 8
    • Amazon xiEG24
      What the hell am I doing wrong here in life at 100k and pulling 60hr regular weeks and sometimes 80hr when the shit needs doing.
      Jan 8
    • Amazon RiQc20
      xieg24 are you non-tech?
      Jan 9
    • Amazon eIuY64
      xiEG24, this isn’t hard:

      1. Leetcode

      2. Work at Google or FB

      3. Make bank
      Jan 9
  • CloudMinds uncX03
    Be a great dad
    Be a great husband
    Date my wife like if we just met
    Read many books
    A couple Solo trips
    An a few trips with my kids
    Oh and get a new job
    Jan 8 2
    • SAP DVOw73
      We all want the same, guys!
      Jan 8
    • Atlassian gandola
      You are not from earth
      Jan 8
  • LinkedIn


    Kids 🤞
    Jan 8 4
    • New XKGB
      That process is so fun. Enjoy it 😉
      Jan 8
    • Amazon Northman
      Making them is more fun then having them, unfortunately.
      Jan 8
    • Google Odni45
      If by having you mean birthing, probably right. After that, they are awesome.
      Jan 8
    • DocuSign / Cust. Srv.

      DocuSign Cust. Srv.

      My goal too. Please keep in mind that 1 in 8 couples struggle with infertility, so it’s not always as fun as one might think.

      Good luck to 300 on your goal!
      Jan 8
  • Bombardier mloading24
    Career - get an internship this summer
    Fitness - gain weight
    Jan 8 3
    • Mine is to loose weight and get four interns.

      Bay Area internship wanted?
      Jan 8
    • Salesforce afc123
      Uber guy, you’re a bro.
      Jan 8
    • Roku pikman
      What is bombardier? Are you not working for them?
      Jan 8
  • Microsoft bigbeak
    To not kill myself
    Jan 8 3
  • Dish Network / IT yolotc
    To be CEO of Pied Piper
    Jan 8 0


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