what to do? feel stuck and miserable

Oct 22, 2019 19 Comments

been 8 mobths at Apple. except pay everything else sucks. Odd time meetings, 11-12 am midnight and early morning 6 am . shitty boss and insane travel to name top pain points. I cannot quit now as i have to repay the sign on bonus so decided to suck it up and cross 1 year mark.

i am either looking at internal move or interview elsewhere. I am not a SW guy so i heard sadly most groups at apple have poor WLB . if i explore outside only G matches pay or more .

on immigration front I have EAD through EB1 and my 485-j is spproved with apple. Sadly EB1 india dates are not moving soon . If i switch companies does new company have to file 485-j again ?

Which companies and roles can i explore that pay around 300-400K / yr and offer better WLB ?

TPM in hardawre development with 9 YOE


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  • Intel zfnu
    You are fortunate to be making in the 300s . I find it interesting that you are still cribbing. Humans are never satisfied
    Oct 22, 2019 6
    • Okta doll$h
      Can I eat that ham though? I’m starving
      Oct 22, 2019
    • Salesforce aw3some
      @intel: you jealous bro?
      Oct 22, 2019
  • Nutanix gJdR70
    How do you get EB1 being a TPM
    Oct 22, 2019 4
    • OP
      Yes Atombox is right. You need to have a history of publications peer review etc and company support
      Oct 22, 2019
    • Amazon real_bezos
      How many publications do you have?
      Oct 22, 2019
  • Roku cruella
    Don’t be stuck just for 485.
    While that might be a reason. Don’t consider it as THE reason.
    Oct 22, 2019 1
    • OP
      How’s Roku? I know they pay high base but RSU is a bit low. How’s WLB in HW?
      Oct 22, 2019
  • Netflix lenamdjh
    Which team at Apple?
    Oct 23, 2019 3
    • Google gewg
      And that right there is the reason of all your misery son
      Oct 24, 2019
    • OP
      how to get out? I was in operations in previous companies too but was not so brutal
      Oct 24, 2019
  • OP
    Trust me I can make much more . But remember more TC = shittier life. You just become a highly paid slave . I feel like that at Apple. 300-400 is pretty common in Bay Area with my level of experience. That’s why I am ok with that and yearly 3-5 % raise. I just want to have a life outside work and right now it seems impossible
    Oct 22, 2019 0


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