whats it like working for Reddit?

Jan 9 9 Comments

Have an interview to be an SRE in the NYC office. How do folks like working there?


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  • Dropbox rawhide
    Don't get quarantined.
    Jan 9 1
    • Amazon / Eng

      Amazon Eng

      If you get quarantined you probably deserve it

      I don’t like Reddit because they’re *too* lenient on content moderation
      Jan 9
  • Reddit XXTE56
    Company is great, and SRE team is still small so you will get a chance to work on impactful projects. NYC office is mostly sales but we start to have a larger eng presence there
    Jan 11 2
    • Bloomberg UUHd73
      Any pointers on the interview process?
      Jan 11
    • Reddit qpcq47
      If you can code well you should be ok. If SRE, again make sure you can code and you feel comfy with web app infra since you know, that's what we are.
      Jan 12
  • Reddit LOFK50
    I work out of our SF office and I'm not in eng, but the company in general is pretty great. The few times I've visited our NYC office everyone has been super nice.
    Jan 11 0
  • Google zer fi
    How did you get the interview? How many yoe do you have? I tried to get an interview at Reddit but couldn't :(.
    Jan 9 0
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    • Bloomberg UUHd73
      How are the SRE’s? Do you know what kinda questions they ask during the screening / on site?
      Jan 10
  • Xandr lgxrh
    Also wondering
    Jan 9 0


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