why is it so difficult to swith roles?

Dec 13, 2019 5 Comments

I am an experienced professional with mixed background in BA, Tech Support and QA. My recent 7+ years experience is in QA/automation. I have been wanting move away from QA from the past couple of years either into Program or Product Management or even business analyst. I can’t keep up with Bay Area algorithm and data structure non-sense, so not looking to switch in QA/ automation again. But I want a change in the role and the Comp, switching companies is the only way where you can get a bump in the salary. I have been with my current company 3+ years. I have informed my management that I want to pursue something different but no support from them. I want to start my Job search now to land on something in 6-8 months. Where shall I start from? Should continuing education help breaking into PM? Or getting certifications from Berkley or Standford add any weightage and add your profile to fastrrack? If you have been in a similar situation and got where you wanted to be, please share your thoughts. Thanks!


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  • Boeing booring
    It’s easiest to change roles within the same companies and easiest to change companies while staying in the same role.

    Doing both at the same time is pretty challenging.

    Can you pivot internally? If you really want to make a hard change to PM, probably masters degree is the most clear cut way. Top 15 ΜΒΑ is probably your best bet if your current field has no obvious pivot
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  • Deloitte / Product

    Deloitte Product

    Hi There! How can I help?
    Join the 'Sith' and you will know the power of the dark side.
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  • Autodesk / Product

    Autodesk Product

    Workday, IDEO
    Lol'd hard at swith
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  • Facebook whoad00d
    Because you don’t have domain expertise. You’d essentially be starting over as a new grad. If I’m a hiring manager, what’s the reason I should hire you for this role?
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  • Splunk kerplunk
    Because "swithing" doesnt exist!
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