would you sue for discrimination?

Dec 7, 2019 19 Comments

manager of a team. turned around performance, KPI’s, data, processes. was marked as high potential and on succession plan. enters new region leader, played favorites. hired her own pet from previous company and gave her the role i was earmarked for. new hire makes my life miserable. so i left. but the more i think about it - this was not fair. should i consult a lawyer to see if i have a case?


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  • Salesforce Dumblydor
    Unfortunately, being a non-pet is not a protected class, assuming that you’re in the US.
    Dec 7, 2019 5
  • Move on
    Dec 7, 2019 0
  • Citadel BrutеForce
    Discrimination on what basis? Plus, you left, no one fired you.
    Dec 7, 2019 0
  • New lHpK84
    Don't waste your time, or the lawyers time. You've mentioned nothing that involves discrimination
    Dec 7, 2019 0
  • Netflix nJH45hw
    Another millennial who feels entitled
    Dec 7, 2019 0
  • GoDaddy wAgH40
    Very short and clear question in the title but no elaborating on what discrimination occurred, just more of an anecdotal run down of how it felt unfair. What was clearly unfair to the point that you can prove discriminatory behavior?

    Not trying to dissuade you but just try and get more context. As it stands, while unfortunate, it just sounds like normal work politics plain and simple. Also, whether in the right or not, i highly recommend considering whether you even want to focus on such a thing because it will not likely be a swift process.

    Source: Had a parent in the legal field that experienced some genuine injustices in the workplace, and some that moreso formed in the mind. Took legal action on a genuine injustice, and won.. ish(settled), but died of illness before the end. Whole thing took several years and honestly felt like there was more focus on that case at times than personal health and a clear mind. Simply put, i hope you have better experiences in the future but i personally encourage not focusing on shit people and their favoritism. It's an inherently toxic process from what I've witnessed.
    Dec 7, 2019 0
  • Facebook whoad00d
    What you’ve stated doesn’t classify as discrimination.
    Dec 7, 2019 0
  • Expedia Group da🍰isa-lie
    Did they discriminate based on your sex, age, disability status, sexual orientation etc? Teacher’s pet is not a protected status.
    Dec 7, 2019 2
    • Facebook lovethez
      Dec 8, 2019
    • Expedia Group da🍰isa-lie
      Fine, manager’s pet. Op acts like a schoolchild that lost the teacher’s pet position when a new teacher came in 😬
      Dec 8, 2019
  • Best to move on.
    Dec 7, 2019 0
  • New Spies1
    I don’t understand what wasn’t fair about the situation? No you have no case. Do not pass go. No $200. But....
    You have an opportunity. Find somewhere that will value you and where you will be happy.

    If you want to annoy them, complain to EEOC
    Dec 11, 2019 1
    • Cisco DISc57
      What happens when one complains to EEOC?
      Dec 17, 2019


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